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Is there life on other worlds?

I remember in 1994 when Mexican astrophysicist Miguel Alcubierre was the first (that I’m aware of) to postulate that the “warp drive” we all know and love from Star Trek was in fact more potential science than fiction. He even … Continue reading

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Where Science Becomes Philosophy

In a recent discussionon the beliefs and preferences of Americans, we broached the topic of academic liberal bias.  I would like to take a particular subset of that discussion, and blow it out for further / more indepth debate… Neva, a … Continue reading

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Tryptophan Strikes Again … and Again … and Again …

A shameless Techlore reprint… Okay, this is so wrong, but I feel compelled to be a little off today…Disclaimer:There is NO point to this blog entry. Every year I vow not to eat myself unconscious on Thanksgiving, but again I’ve … Continue reading

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Can I Learn Gravity Here?

Even if the educational value of this game is limited, it definitely fits in the highly-addictive, give up World of Warcraft for my new habit, get me fired kind of category.  You gotta check this out… Technorati tags: orbit, gravity, … Continue reading

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Engage the Cloak!

  Thanks to my friend Chris, I was made aware the other day of a radical breakthrough in science for the average Lord of the Rings and/or Star Trek fan.  Evidently, some Duke University scientists and engineers believe they are coming … Continue reading

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You have gotta be domino-billiards-kidding me!

I don’t have much background information other than to say taht some Russian guy has way too much free time. But I have to admit, I could watch this over and over and over.  Anyone in need of a good … Continue reading

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